Dog Training

Build Confidence With Your Dog


In addition to basic obedience training, we address real-life issues immediately and change unwelcome behaviors. By combining training techniques that are simple to follow with real-life distractions, we build a confident, reliable relationship between you and your dog that is not diminished by what’s going on around you. The impact of this training is so incredible that changes in behavior can be observed from the very first session.

We work with you and your dog to build a bond of mutual respect and trust. The Innov8K9 method is unique like you and your dog.  Video analysis with “Gopro Hero3+” included with all private classes.

Obedience Is More Than “Sit”

Our obedience class is our most popular program, and is perfectly suited to the first-time dog owner. It can also be of great value to the seasoned owner or trainer who wants to enhance their dog’s performance and acquire new skills and training techniques. We teach basic commands in real-world situations with typical sources of distraction from the very first session, so that your dog will learn to focus his attention entirely on you. Once this level of focus has been achieved, the speed at which your dog can learn is dramatically accelerated.





All Breeds Welcome

Currently only doing private classes until training fields are dryer.  Probably end of March, early April.

Private classes are $35 hr